Goal: on time, on budget

Some goals are realistic and some are, well…it’s OK to dream. In the world of remodeling where does “on time and on budget” fall? Is this a realistic goal or just a dream? My tongue-in-cheek answer in 5 easy steps: 1. specify everything and have it on site before the project starts 2. anticipate worst case scenario for existing conditions 3. don’t assume anything 4. control the weather and 5. don’t change your mind! Follow all 5 and there will be no surprises. It’s that simple…and impossible.

The alternative (but still try for as many above as you reasonably can) is two steps. Not as simple, but more realistic: TRUST the professional and PLAN ahead. ¬†Trust is a huge word and in these times dominated by marketing from all directions, it’s not easy to know who you can put your full confidence in. ¬†How do I trust someone I don’t know? My top 3: 1) Use your network. Relational equity goes a long way. Trusting someone is easier if they are trusted by someone you already trust. 2) Check their history. 20 years in the industry compared to 2 years is worth something. It may not directly translate into trust but my comfort level is much higher just from the math alone. This should not be taken to avoid hiring someone new. We all had to start somewhere and with me, it was close friends and family that knew my personal character. But still. 3) Listen to yourself. No kidding, it gets downright non-linear. Don’t ignore that small voice that says “something just doesn’t add up here” If you think I’m crazy, read “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell. That small voice is usually right on, even when you can’t put our finger on it.

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